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Courtesy of our friends at Le Creuset, here’s a delightful appetizer to inaugurate your newly remodeled kitchen. These bite-sized fried potato chunks are the perfect tapas recipe, with a decidedly Spanish flair.

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6 Home Improvement Ideas for Empty Nesters

September 2, 2015

By: DirectBuy


The kids are all grown and suddenly your house feels a lot bigger. Learning to live in an empty nest can be an emotional experience at first, but with time you'll also find it to be an exciting one. The house will feel more peaceful, you'll have more time to enjoy fun hobbies and activities, and now you can finally upgrade your bedroom to transform it into that beautiful suite you've always wanted.

Remodeling or re-purposing rooms is a common practice for parents learning to live on their own. Consider starting a home improvement project yourself—these six ideas will get you inspired.

1. Construct a Master Suite 

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As previously stated, an empty nest provides the perfect opportunity to expand your bedroom. By adding on to your bedroom, you can increase storage and bring in new, larger furniture, such as a king-sized bed! 

2. Build a Luxurious Walk-In Closet

Check out closet products from DirectBuy! You may not have been blessed with spacious closets when you first moved in, but now is the perfect time to change your situation. With a bigger closet, you can better organize clothes and keep them neatly pressed. A walk-in closet also prevents you from having to cram clothes into a small space, making them easier to find in the morning. 



3. Turn the Kids' Room into a Guest Bedroom

Adding a guest bedroom to your home is a win-win because it provides a relaxing space for family and friends when they visit, but it still ensures the kids will have a room when they come home for the holidays. 

4. Assemble an Exercise Room

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Why waste money at the gym when you can exercise in your own home? Turn one of the empty bedrooms into your own personal gym or yoga studio. You may even find that getting motivated to work out is a lot easier with a home fitness room!

5. Create a Home Office

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If you have the option to work from home, it's essential that you have a space that allows you to be productive. Consider turning a bedroom into an office where you can easily get work done during the week.

6. Design a Hobby Room


Do you love to paint? Read? Sew? Use the extra space in your home to design a room dedicated entirely to your favorite pastime.

What's Your Empty Nest Look Like?

An empty nest can be a great opportunity to improve your home. What other projects have you tackled with your new-found space? Do you have kids that will soon be leaving the nest and you're already planning to make use of the space? Tell us what you've got in mind!

DirectBuy has everything you need to redesign any room in your home with products at incredible value and access to design and installation experts ready to help you bring your project to life. Learn more about the benefits of membership by scheduling a preview with a membership specialist today.

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