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Home Improvement: The Versatility Of Direct Vent Fireplaces

September 18, 2016

Direct vent fireplaces are pretty magical. They’re versatile, cost effective, and don’t need a chimney, so you can place one virtually anywhere in your home.


As an alternative to traditional gas fireplaces, direct vent fireplaces can be routed directly through a wall to the outside, so you can enjoy the comfort of a fire even in your bedroom. Best of all, they don’t require electricity to power the burner and flame control, making them a reliable and efficient source of heat.

The ins and outs of direct venting:

1. Combustion air is drawn from outside the building, not from the inside as with a traditional fireplace.

2. Cool room air is pulled into the lower chamber, where it circulates around the firebox and is released into the room as warm air (while heat also radiates from the front glass).

3. The terminal for the unit is mounted outside, connecting to the fireplace indoors and serving as the point of air intake and outlet.

4. Venting for the fire exits from the top of the fireplace, releasing the fumes outside.

5. Alternately, venting can exit from the rear of the fireplace to allow for versatility in installation.

6. With power venting, the venting can be installed to go around stairways, up, down and around most objects in any space.

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