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Get Your Kids in the Kitchen this Holiday Season

December 29, 2016

We could all use a helping hand (or ten) during the holiday season, which makes it the perfect time to get all your little helpers in the kitchen. It’s never too early for children to learn their way around the kitchen. Use the holidays to teach them valuable life skills while having fun.


Safety First

Kids should feel safe in the kitchen, but also need to be aware of the importance of safety. Before letting your kids help, make sure they know their way around the kitchen. Be clear on what they can do by themselves, and what requires grownup supervision and assistance.

Set Boundaries

Your little chef might think they’re ready to chop, dice, and flambé, but setting boundaries in the kitchen is important. Start with simple, supervised tasks like stirring or measuring ingredients. Once they’ve mastered the basics, they can move on to more difficult tasks.


Making your kitchen more kid friendly will make it more fun for you and them. Giving them a workspace that they can easily reach will make them feel at home. You can place tools that they’ve mastered in easy to reach locations. Plastic bowls and spoons are a good place to start. Setting aside a drawer in the fridge and/or pantry with kid specific items will make your little helpers feel special. Clearly defining their space, and what they’re allowed to use are a great way to build their confidence in the kitchen. 

Stand Back

Once you’ve shown them how to do a task, let them try it on their own. Each child is different, but all need to learn to be self-sufficient, so once you’ve walked them through it, take a deep breath and step back.

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