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5 Home Gym Design Tips to Help You Get Back Into Shape

September 29, 2015

By: DirectBuy

Leaving the comfort of home to exercise can be a challenge, especially if your fitness center is often overcrowded. What if you could instead just work out at home? No longer would you have to wait to use the cardio machine or a weight bench. Plus, a home gym gives you complete control over the room's design, ensuring you create a space you enjoy.

As you begin to set up your home gym, let these five tips guide you as you search for the best solutions for your exercise space.

1. Choose a Focus


From a yoga studio to a weight room, there are many different options to consider for your gym. While you can certainly incorporate more than one type of exercise into your fitness space, choosing a focus will help you determine the right work out décor and atmosphere.

2. Pay Attention to Color


Colors can have a big impact on your mood, which means you should choose them carefully when designing your home gym. Bright colors are great for cardio rooms, as they can energize you and enhance enthusiasm. Blue has been shown to increase productivity, and in the weight room that can mean lifting heavier weights. For yoga or meditation studios, choose calming colors like green.

3. Bring in Motivating Images


If you have a favorite athlete and inspiring phrase, consider incorporating them into your décor. One look at a positive message or someone who inspires you may be all you need to stay motivated while working out.

4. Add a Mirror


Having mirrors in your home gym is the perfect way to ensure you're doing yoga poses, push-ups and all of your exercises correctly. Installing a mirror wall makes it easy to track your personal physical progress as you work through your exercise programs.

5. Consider Sounds and Smells


Exercising in a fitness center can be a drag when too much sweat causes the room to smell or it's so loud you can't even hear your own iPod. A home gym gives you the opportunity to introduce pleasant smells and motivating music (that you can actually hear) to your workout routine.

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