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Recipe: Lemon Zest Spiced Potato Cubes

Courtesy of our friends at Le Creuset, here’s a delightful appetizer to inaugurate your newly remodeled kitchen. These bite-sized fried potato chunks are the perfect tapas recipe, with a decidedly Spanish flair.

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Cabinet Design 101

Bring Your Cabinet Design Ideas to Life

Crafting a truly successful cabinetry design entails balancing beauty with function. Some homeowners are more knowledgeable than others when it comes to design. Regardless of your experience it’s always a good idea to consult with a cabinet design professional to weigh in on factors like proportion, functionality and scale. Give yourself the confidence of knowing your space will look great by discussing your options with a DirectBuy cabinetry expert.  

What To Expect From Your Cabinetry Designer

Your cabinet designer will offer advice regarding wood type, color and door style, and will come prepared with several documents and plans for you to look over together while discussing your dream kitchen. The expert will prepare a floor plan, an elevation drawing (which includes every wall that will be touched during the remodel) and a perspective view, which shows the space from multiple angles and vantage points. Contact DirectBuy today for more information on working with a Cabinetry Designer. 

Floor Plan


Floor plans show a birds-eye-view of the layout of each room, and outline the components inside the space in the correct proportions. Here you can see base cabinets, tall cabinets and wall cabinets within the space you’re remodeling. More detailed floor plans also highlight electrical and lighting details.  



Each “flat” drawing shows a view of the wall on which the cabinetry will be installed as if you were standing in front of it. This is the best way to see details and check figures that aren’t visible on the floor plan. You can also compare heights of the cabinets you’ll be installing to the other large components in the room. 


Design101-BlkWht Perspective

This type of drawing features three dimensions and shows a portion of the room from the perspective of someone inside, typically from a height of 5’6”. Perspective drawings are important for considering depth and ensuring that your design will look aesthetically pleasing once installed.

Testing Your Cabinet Design Ideas

If possible, it’s always a good idea to test your layout in the space you’ll be modeling. As long as the areas in which you’ll be working are empty you can accomplish this in a couple of ways.

Tape Measure

Utilizing the measurements on the floor plan, bring out your tape measure and some heavy-duty masking tape to indicate where all of your cabinetry will be installed. Also mark off areas for appliances and furniture pieces to see if your layout will allow for easy movement and optimal organization.


For the craftier homeowner, you can fold newspaper pages to the designated lengths of your cabinetry pieces, furniture pieces and appliances in order to visualize your layout. Stack a few papers of the same size together to indicate certain pieces, which you can move around easily to test your layout.

If other cabinetry is already present in the space as you attempt to visualize your layout, you’ll need to use both techniques and improvise a bit to bring the layout to life before you begin working with a professional.

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