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Cabinet Design Styles

Find Your Cabinet Style

Your cabinet design style is a direct reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Capture your vision with one of the numerous styles of kitchen cabinets available through DirectBuy. We offer bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets and cabinet styles for every nook and cranny in your home. No style is too specific or niche. Create a signature look with a wide variety of options when you select your moldings, finishes and cabinet hardware.  

If you need a hand navigating the many options and finding your personal style then we have you covered. The following guide illustrates a variety of design styles so you can craft the perfect cabinet design for your home.  

Casual Cabinets

 Brookwood Cabinetry

Mix the modern and traditional sensibilities by choosing casual cabinets. This style is typically bright, adding warmth and comfort to airy spaces without overwhelming the senses. When you’re unsure, casual cabinets are always a terrific option.  

Contemporary Cabinets

 Norcraft Cabinetry

For a sleeker and more dramatic décor, the bold no-frills look of contemporary cabinets is the way to go. Be on the cutting edge while keeping your kitchen simple, sparse and understated.  

Rustic Cabinets

Norcraft_Sullivan_Maple_AntiqueWhite_ChocolateGlaze_with island_ Duncan_RusticAlder_Harvest_ChcolateGlaze 
 Norcraft Cabinetry

For a sense of nostalgia and classic comfort, go with rustic cabinets. These lived-in styles evoke cottages in the woods, cabins by the lake and summer homes next to the sea. The charm of nature is on full display with rustic cabinets.  

Traditional Cabinets

 Brookwood Cabinetry

You can’t go wrong with the elegant warmth of a regal traditional cabinet. Infuse a sense of charm and an inviting beauty to your kitchen while keeping your home classic. With traditional cabinets you can choose between designs that range in color, texture and material and still draw inspiration from tried-and-true cabinet designs.  

The vast selection of cabinetry available to DirectBuy members means we offer options for every unique taste. Your style will shine through while you create the perfect functional cabinet design for your space.

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