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Member Thanks DirectBuy and Others for Their New Home

October 8, 2014

By: Lois Powell

Oltorik Great RoomOltorik Counter Seating AreaOltorik Dining Room
Oltorik Rec RoomOltorik Office SpaceOltorik Outdoor Living Space

While many of us were busy getting ready to send our kids back to school, the Oltorik family of Blue Ash, Ohio, was also hosting a special event in their home to show the vendors of their recent and extensive home renovation project their appreciation. Dennis and Shelley Oltorik had such a great experience with DirectBuy, other vendors and Copper Creek Homes, they held their own “vendor appreciation” event right in their own backyard. 

Partnering with Copper Creek Homes, the Oltorik’s tore down their original home to build a brand new one in a transition neighborhood in the Blue Ash/Montgomery corridor. They felt hosting a “thank you” party was a way to showcase their new home, and the tremendous amount of work that went into it, so they opened their home to vendors, contractors, prospects, realtors, local press, neighbors, and friends. The Oltorik’s are very passionate about their new home, and it’s easy to see why!   

Renovating and building a home can be a life-changing experience, not to mention stressful and expensive. Working with Copper Creek Homes and DirectBuy helped turn this major undertaking for the Oltorik family into an experience that was not only a pleasure, but also one that truly provided a home and lifestyle for them that they had before only dreamt of.  Not only are they extremely pleased with their new home, they also saved a great deal of money. “I treat money with respect, so it was really important for me to save money with this membership. We’re pretty confident we saved in excess of $40,000 dollars using our DirectBuy membership.” explained Dennis. 

A sampling of the vendors Dennis and Shelley had access to build the home of their dreams is listed below:


Signature by Omegawww.signaturebyomega.com
Décor (Lamps, Lighting, Clocks, Art, Accessories)
Howard Millerwww.ridgewayclocks.com
Howard Elliottwww.howardelliott.com
Elk Lightingwww.elklighting.com
Sea Gull Lightingwww.seagulllighting.com
Justice Designwww.jdg.com
Magnussen Homewww.magnussen.com
Bassett Mirrorwww.bassettmirror.com
Abbyson Livingwww.abbysonliving.com
Coaster Companywww.coasterfurniture.com
Garden Décor
Whitehall Productswww.whitehallproducts.com
Gladiator GarageWorkswww.gladiatorgarageworks.com
Shaw Floorswww.shawinc.com
Game Tables
American Heritage Billiardswww.americanheritagebilliards.com
C.L. Baileywww.clbailey.com
Fitness Equipment
Plumbing / Fixtures
Native Trailswww.nativetrails.net
Fairmont Designswww.fairmontdesigns.com
Foremost Industrieswww.foremostgroups.com
Tidal Bath
Countertops (Local Vendor) Sims Lohman


Being able to save well over thousands provided the opportunity to upgrade to higher end items, often times at even lower prices. While they definitely saw the value of their membership, they also benefited from the selection and service available to them, and definitely enjoyed the luxury of ‘one-stop shopping’ through DirectBuy’s local Cincinnati club, the Concierge and Online Home Shopping teams, as well as designers, all working to save them not only money, but time as well. Both Shelley and Dennis shared that “When you call in, you get treated like family. When you deal at the local level with your club, you get treated like family. They’re happy to see you and they’re glad you’re saving money. We felt like we were all on the same team.”   

A huge part of this dream come true is also thanks to Copper Creek Homes, a local builder offering fine custom homes built with style, craftsmanship and luxury in mind. The quality of their work is constantly monitored by their staff during each step of the process, ensuring not only a home that is a constant source of pride and enjoyment for families, but also helps to build long and trusting relationships with each home owner, something that Copper Creek’s founder and President, Ranjit Sharma takes very seriously. “The biggest advantage of a contractor and/or builder working with a client and DirectBuy”, said Ranjit “is the fact that we can go to one source and select many different items.”

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