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Recipe: Lemon Zest Spiced Potato Cubes

Courtesy of our friends at Le Creuset, here’s a delightful appetizer to inaugurate your newly remodeled kitchen. These bite-sized fried potato chunks are the perfect tapas recipe, with a decidedly Spanish flair.

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Meet DirectBuy's November 2015 Associate of the Month: Barbara Wilczynski

December 17, 2015

By: DirectBuy

12-16-15_InNews_Wilczynski_BarbaraEach month, DirectBuy acknowledges outstanding associates through our peer-recognition program, “Associate of the Month”.

We are proud to announce that Kelly Gjebre was named the company’s Associate of the Month for October 2015.

DirectBuy is built upon giving members an exceptional customer experience through stringent service standards. When a member of the team exemplifies these standards, it’s important to recognize their achievements.

The Associate of the Month demonstrates several outstanding values that include:

  • Ethical business decision making & professionalism
  • Commitment & dedication through words and actions
  • Cost or time-saving Ideas for procedures or processes
  • Creative & resourceful problem solving skills
  • Excellent attendance & promptness
  • Excellence in dealing with people, including positive attitude & communication
  • Overall leadership
  • Overall performance with high level of output and quality work with low error rate
  • Performance above and beyond normal job requirements

Barbara began her DirectBuy career in January 2013. As an associate in the Accounting Department, she is responsible for reconciling and servicing POS-related orders and bank accounts.

In the words of Gina Krasnow, Accounting Project Manager, “I immediately knew that Barb was go­ing to be a true asset to my team. Within a year’s time, she was promoted to an Accounting Support role, which generally involves any given accounting-related task. In accounting, baptism by fire is a common occurrence when learning a new task. We need it done fast, we need it done now, and you must be on your toes to figure out the in-betweens. Barb very quickly became the go-to person for both Lou Ann and [me] when urgent tasks needed completion. There is definitely a lot of behind the scenes work that Barb is involved in to resolve POS-related issues and [she] provides a quick resolution without the clubs and/or members knowing there was an issue in the first place. Barb is quick-witted, a fast learner, thinks outside of the box, and uses good judgement to make all of this happen. You may not have ever met Barb, but she is definitely behind the curtains orchestrat­ing a lot of potential member facing order issues. Barb does not fluster, never backs down from a challenge and always strives to provide the best possible customer service to our clubs and our members. When I give Barb a task to complete, I have no doubt in my mind that it won’t be any less than perfect when it gets into my hands.”

Gina also adds, “Barb is an ABSOLUTE pleasure to have on my team. She is truly deserving of this honor.”

Has a DirectBuy associate gone above-and-beyond to help you make the most of your membership? We'd love to hear about it! Click here to tell us your story.

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