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Club Member Question: What Do I Need to Know About CARB 2?

Recently, a 60 Minutes broadcast discussed the sourcing of laminate flooring materials from China, which stirred up many questions surrounding CARB 2 compliance. To clear up any uncertainty about CARB 2, we’ve created a list of things you should know... Read More>>


DirectBuy “Backyard Dream-Over” Sweepstakes Now Underway

Homeowners looking to upgrade their backyard in time for summer can now enter DirectBuy’s “Backyard Dream-Over” sweepstakes for a chance to win their choice of outdoor furniture, appliances, and much more.Individuals who participate in the “Backyard Dream-Over” sweepstakes will be eligible for a chance to win $15,000... Read More>>

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A Review of DirectBuy Member Stories

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DirectBuy members are in the best position to tell the DirectBuy story. They have experienced the same process you may be going through. Their home is important to them, and they often know what they want. Others need some help in selecting their style and products. And they are not willing to compromise.

We researched products, and we wanted to get the best quality products at the best price. DirectBuy was the place to do that. 
 - Tim Fitzmaurice, Member since 2006

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