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Recipe: Lemon Zest Spiced Potato Cubes

Courtesy of our friends at Le Creuset, here’s a delightful appetizer to inaugurate your newly remodeled kitchen. These bite-sized fried potato chunks are the perfect tapas recipe, with a decidedly Spanish flair.

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"Through this remodel, I feel some of them have become part of the family. I would highly recommend DirectBuy."

Bonnie B Home

My husband and I purchased a home last year that was in desperate need of a significant remodel. We saw the vision of our dream home, but realized there was a significant gap between our vision and current reality. We would need to purchase major appliances for the kitchen and baths, flooring, lighting, windows and window coverings, doors, tile, countertops, furniture and accessories,etc. Cost savings, without sacrificing quality, was on our minds when we took a tour at DirectBuy.

I'm happy to report, the significant upfront investment in our membership has more than paid for itself. I shopped every purchase through typical retail channels, and on line ads. In the end, when I compared most products I needed, DirectBuy was significantly less expensive. In fact, I was able to purchase many "higher end" products at or below the "standard grade" items. Customer service is extremely important as well.

My husband and I both have demanding schedules and didn't have a lot of spare time. The specialist at our Ft. Worth location, are extremely helpful, consultative and knowledgeable and prompt at responding to questions. I always feel as if they are there to make sure my experience is the best it could be. Through this remodel, I feel some of them have become part of the family. I would highly recommend DirectBuy.  

Bonnie B - Grapevine, TX 

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