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Golf: Creative Club Selection

April 12, 2017


Like fingerprints, every golfer is unique, with an individualized swing and approach to the game. You need to understand your own subtle differences and sync your golf club to your own individual playing style. Whether you desire ultimate shot feedback, shot-shaping control, pure distance, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

Today, club selection is more confusing than ever with countless iron, hybrid and wood options. And while one player looks forehand-crafted precision instruments that provide for creative shot-making, another prefers power, the latest technology and the straightest ball flight possible. Recognizing these unique playing styles will help you to select the exact 12 clubs that will help you on the fairway.

To help you decide what playing style most closely represents yours, think about feel, control and distance...


An experienced player who seeks a delicate balance of sleek look, soft feel and shot-shaping ability. Design is minimal, compact and classic. Around 15% of golfers are Feel players.


A cross-over player who understands the game like a Feel player, but who benefits from forgiving technical advancements and prefers a quieter design and mid-sized head. Around 35% of golfers are Control players.


This player desires greater distance, power and straight ball flight. Technical design helps cure shot imperfections and an oversized head is preferred. Distance players comprise about 50% of all golfers.


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