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Renovate for Less with Quality Home Building Tools

October 10, 2016


Home renovations can be an excellent creative project for anyone who likes to work with their hands. But even more so, they are a great way to save money from more expensive renovation services. You can do a professional renovation at home by knowing which quality home improvement tools and products can get the job done.

Here are three different rooms you can renovate yourself, while saving money, with quality building tools.


By ordering from a quality product supplier, you can find beautiful sinks, lighting accents and tiles for a much cheaper price than buying directly from a designer. Choose from a variety of affordable designs that appeal to you. For example, you can purchase sinks, bathtubs and plumbing tools online. Showerheads can also be easily purchased online and installed in a few steps. 

Finally, you can easily upgrade the little details in your bathroom, such as doorknobs, tile accents and electrical outlet plates, without the help of a professional installer. These can add color and an eclectic pop to any room – little changes, for a big difference. 


Quality, elegant cabinetry can add so much value to a home. Surprisingly, you can learn how to purchase and install cabinetry on your own. Many cabinetry products offer discounts on larger orders, since you will likely be purchasing multiple products. What’s more, they can be delivered to your home for a low price, which saves you even more time, labor and money on transportation. 

Faucets and appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers can be purchased and installed on your own, as well. 


Building your own storage spaces helps you stay organized and easily conquer future renovations. Gearboxes and sheds can be constructed to keep all of your tools organized so you’ll know where everything is the next time you start a project. What’s more, taking time to build these structures can prevent clutter from creeping in.

If you’re ready to start your own home renovation project, browse Direct Buy’s selection of products, name brand appliances and more. Members can log in and new shoppers can schedule an appointment for more information!

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