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4 Yard Care Tools to Maintain a Lush Lawn

April 6, 2017


They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but it doesn't have to be this way. Just like the neighbor's yard, your lawn too can become a velvety carpet of fresh, healthy turf. You've already got the standard lawn maintenance equipment, including a mower, sprinkler and rake, to prevent your yard from becoming a brown and overgrown mess. What will take your grassy yard to the next level and make it more than mediocre is the right lawn-care tools to enhance its green, lush look. 

Landscaping Rake

The plastic yard rake you use in the fall is not the only rake available for lawn care. A landscaping rake (sometimes called a rock rake) is a great tool for those preparing to plant a new area of lawn. This type of rake can be attached to garden tractors and dragged across the dirt to level the soil before sowing grass seeds. 


You know the right fertilizer can help you grow healthy grass, and the same is true of the right lawn spreader. There are three types of spreaders to consider: handheld, broadcast and drop. Handheld spreaders are ideal for smaller lawns and for spot-treating areas in need of a little more care. Drop spreaders are also great to use on smaller lawns, as they give you more control to ensure even application. Broadcast spreaders are designed for larger lawns and allow you to quickly fertilize a wide area. 


Thatch is the layer of dead and living plant roots, stems and shoots that develops between your lawn's soil surface and grass blades. Some thatch is good for your yard, but too much build up (more than 1/2" thick of thatch) prevents your grass from receiving the moisture and air it needs to thrive. This is where a de-thatcher comes in handy. Use a de-thatcher to remove the organic layer building up in your yard when needed, and allow your lawn to receive essential nutrients. 

Lawn Sweeper

Cleaning up the debris and leaves in your yard will keep it looking tidy and, more importantly, prevent it from being suffocated. To get the best results, use a lawn sweeper instead of the traditional rake. Clean up is a breeze with this convenient lawn-care tool!


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All of the tools mentioned above are essential to keep your lawn looking A-ok. Of course a large part of caring for your lawn is having the right tools on hand. Thanks for the share!

Posted Friday, June 24, 2016 at 9:11 PM by broadcast spreaders

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