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Karen & Jason Mongrain

The Mongrain’s joined DirectBuy in 2005 and have been members now for 12+ years. Completely inspired by DirectBuy, they built their dream home in Kelowna, BC—everything from the floors to the cabinets to the lighting and all sorts of other fixtures. According to Jason, “I’d say 95% of this home is through DirectBuy. For our needs, the value of our membership is outstanding.”

There’s no question from either of them that they recouped the cost of their membership within their first year just through household furnishings. Additionally, according to their assessments, they saved tens of thousands of dollars in the building process—with an estimated savings of $15,000 on their kitchen cabinets alone, and another $3,000 on appliances.

There’s no question from either of them that they couldn’t have done what they did without being DirectBuy members. According to Karen, “I don’t think paying regular retail we could afford to get the higher end appliances that we got for our house. And I think that if people are wanting items that are of a higher quality, I think DirectBuy is the way you can get it done. I think we look around our house and we’re consistently reminded why we love to DirectBuy.”