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John & Kate Stratton

John and Kate have been DirectBuy members since 2010. At that time they were moving to a new town and they jumped in and bought a house that they knew was going to have to have some serious renovations done to it to get it to the style they were used to with an open floor plan.

They saw some ads for DirectBuy and decided, “Ok if we’re going to do a renovation, let’s try this DirectBuy and see if what they are saying is really true, that they could save us money.”

They saved well over $20,000 just on their kitchen alone. John said, “I didn’t believe everything they were saying because really truly they were talking about some crazy savings. So, we still felt like we’ve got to save money, so let’s do this.”

The rest is history. Seven years later and tens of thousands of dollars in savings and they continue to enjoy purchases from brands like ProAm Golf, Wolfgang Puck, Serta, Ashley Furniture, KitchenAid, Seiko, Whirlpool and many more name brand suppliers.