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Recipe: Lemon Zest Spiced Potato Cubes

Courtesy of our friends at Le Creuset, here’s a delightful appetizer to inaugurate your newly remodeled kitchen. These bite-sized fried potato chunks are the perfect tapas recipe, with a decidedly Spanish flair.

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The DirectBuy Savings Guarantee

DirectBuy’s unique membership program provides our members a tremendous opportunity to save on merchandise they purchase through us. We back this savings up with our Savings Guarantee which applies to all merchandise that is generally available for purchase by all DirectBuy members.   Click here to find our minimum percentage savings for each merchandise category.

To be eligible to receive savings under our Savings Guarantee;

  • The member must submit a claim, and purchase the merchandise from us not later than 30 days after we notify the member that DirectBuy’s price does not result in savings to the member equal to at least DirectBuy’s minimum percentage savings for the relevant merchandise category compared to the authorized retailer’s then current price for identical merchandise; and
  • The claim must be submitted before the vendor ships the DirectBuy merchandise.

Here’s how the Savings Guarantee works:

  • We set a minimum percentage savings in each merchandise category by comparing our prices to those currently offered online by authorized retailers for identical merchandise.
  • A DirectBuy member can submit a claim under our Savings Guarantee if the member purchases merchandise from us and finds that the verified authorized retailer price doesn’t meet DirectBuy’s minimum savings percentage for the merchandise.
  • If DirectBuy verifies that the price, merchandise, retailer and related information provided to us comes within the Savings Guarantee, we will provide the member with savings under our Savings Guarantee.  We do so by selling the merchandise to the member for an amount equal to the authorized retailer’s price minus an amount equal to DirectBuy’s minimum savings percentage for that merchandise category, using the authorized retailer’s price as the base from which we subtract the percentage savings.
  • Savings claim examples shown in the chart below represent a typical purchase with 20% guaranteed minimum savings where our price for the merchandise is $100. With a $100 DirectBuy member price, our Savings Guarantee would apply to all verified authorized retailer prices lower than $125 for identical merchandise.  Here is how the savings get applied:
 DirectBuy Member Price  Savings Guarantee Applied
   Example 1   Example 2 
 DirectBuy-Verified Member-Found Authorized Retailer Price:  $105.00  $124.00
 20% Category Savings:  ($21.00)  ($24.80)
 DirectBuy Member Final Pre-Tax Price:  $84.00  $99.20

How To Claim Your Savings Under DirectBuy’s Savings Guarantee:

  1. Find a Price for Identical Merchandise Currently Offered by an Authorized Retailer of the Merchandise:
    Gather all relevant information:  price, merchandise, brand, model/merchandise number, retailer currently offering the merchandise (name, location, URL, phone number). A screen shot or written quote with date is a great way to capture this data, and can help you and us to expedite our fact-finding and verification process.
  2. Send Us the Merchandise, Price, Retailer and Related Information You Found:
    Provide DirectBuy with the information you found by emailing it to us at conciergeshopping@directbuy.com.  You must provide all required claim information to us before the DirectBuy merchandise is shipped.
  3. We’ll Check it Out:  
    After we receive your information, our team will promptly do the research to verify whether the price, merchandise, retailer and related information you provided us fits within the Savings Guarantee’s terms and conditions, and whether DirectBuy’s price fails to meet DirectBuy’s minimum percentage savings for the relevant merchandise category.
  4. We’ll Tell You What We Find:
    We will promptly let you know, in writing, what we determine.  In most cases, we expect to be able to get back to you with our findings within 3 business days.
  5. If You’ve Got a Claim under our Savings Guarantee, We’ll Make Good on It:
    If we validate the information you provide us and determine that DirectBuy’s member price doesn’t meet DirectBuy’s minimum savings percentage for the relevant merchandise category, our Savings Guarantee will apply to your purchase of the merchandise from us.
  6. How do the Savings Get Applied?
    If you purchase the merchandise from us, we will match the authorized retailer’s price you found for the merchandise, plus we will subtract an amount equal to the percentage savings applicable to the merchandise/category (using the authorized retailer’s price as the base from which we subtract the percentage savings). If you have:
    • Not yet purchased the merchandise from us, we will sell the merchandise to you for an amount equal to the authorized retailer’s price minus an amount equal to DirectBuy’s minimum savings percentage for that merchandise category, using the authorized retailer’s price as the base from which we subtract the percentage savings; or
    • Already purchased the merchandise from us and
      1. The merchandise has not yet shipped, we will mail you a refund check for the savings amount; or
      2. The merchandise already was shipped before we completed our review of your claim, shipment, we will issue a merchandise credit for the savings amount to your DirectBuy account, which you may apply toward your future purchase of merchandise from us.

Terms and Conditions

Excluded Purchases: Our Savings Guarantee does not apply to travel, decorating or other services offered by DirectBuy; purchases of merchandise in U.S. or Canada intended for shipment outside country of purchase (and in U.S., shipment to Alaska or Hawaii), or to any area in which the merchandise vendor restricts DirectBuy from offering the merchandise or DirectBuy is unable to ship the merchandise (e.g. due to the lack of shipper to the area); and ‘local’ or ‘regional’ merchandise available for members’ purchase only in limited geographic areas.

Excluded Retailers: Our Savings Guarantee does not apply to Internet pricing from companies that are not authorized suppliers, or to international e-tailers, resellers (eBay, Craigslist, etc.), military exchanges (PX’s) or outlet stores.

Excluded Merchandise:  Our Savings Guarantee also does not apply to merchandise from local suppliers, merchandise that is not identifiable by a unique model or merchandise number, items of limited quantity, limited-time promotions (such as Black Friday and one-hour specials), floor samples, refurbished, damaged, discontinued, returned merchandise, “Open Box” specials, or bundled purchase items.

Excluded Offers: Our Savings Guarantee does not apply to free-with-purchase and/or mail-in rebate offers, discounts for using store credit cards or rebates payable as store gift cards, affiliate program discounts, or typographical errors and misprints (whether ours or a retailer’s).

“Identical merchandise” is identified by a unique model or merchandise number and description that is used universally by the manufacturer.

The competitor must be an authorized retailer of the merchandise, its pricing for the merchandise must be verifiable by our team, and both the merchandise and the pricing must then be currently available to the general public.

We reserve the right to call any competitor’s store and/or use any competitor’s website/online information to verify its price and availability of the merchandise. We compare “apples to apples” for identical merchandise, so if a competitor includes shipping in its pricing we will include the same level of shipping in our price comparison (e.g., overnight shipping versus 3-day shipping).

The member’s claim expires if the member does not purchase the relevant merchandise from DirectBuy before expiration of the 30-day period following our verification of the claim.

Only the member who submits a claim to us with the relevant price, merchandise, retailer and related information, and purchases the relevant merchandise from us, is entitled to claim savings under our Savings Guarantee.

Obligations in the Membership Agreement and Membership Guide apply.

DirectBuy reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice.

If you have any questions about our Savings Guarantee, please contact our Member Care department at DirectBuy, 8450 Broadway, Merrillville, IN  46410, by phone at (855) 871-7788 or by e-mail at conciergeshopping@directbuy.com.

Minimum Savings Percentage - U.S. & Canada Only

(as of 3/21/16)


Sub Category

US Savings

Canada Savings

Accent Furniture 20% 25%
Bedroom 25% 25%
Home Entertainment/Theater 25% 25%
Home Office 25% 20%
Infant & Youth 25% 25%
Kitchen & Dining Room 25% 25%
Living Room 25% 25%
Mattresses 25% 30%
Outdoor 25% 25%
Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers 15% 15%
Air Purifiers & Filters 15% 15%
Cooking 12% 15%
Dishwashers, Disposers & Compactors 12% 15%
Heaters & Humidifiers 15% 15%
Laundry 12% 15%
Refrigeration 12% 15%
Small Appliances 15% 15%
Vacuums & Floor Care 15% 20%
Water Dispensers & Filters 15% 15%
Audio & Speakers 10% 10%
Automotive 10% 12%
Cameras & Camcorders 10% 10%
TV & Video 10% 10%
Lighting & Fans
Cabinet Lights 15% 15%
Ceiling Lights 15% 15%
Fans 15% 15%
Lamps 15% 15%
Outdoor Lights 15% 15%
Track Lights 15% 15%
Wall Lights 15% 15%
Flooring & Tile
Area Rugs & Mats 25% 20%
Carpet 20% 20%
Carpet Pads 20% 20%
Hardwood 20% 20%
Laminate 20% 20%
Tile 20% 20%
Vinyl 20% 20%
Home Décor & Accessories
Bed & Bath 30% 30%
Cookware 20% 20%
Décor 15% 25%
Home Office 15% 25%
Pet Accessories 15% 25%
Seasonal 15% 20%
Tabletop 25% 20%
Travel & Luggage 20% 20%
Window Treatments 20% 20%
Home Improvement
Building Products 10% 10%
Cabinetry 20% 20%
Doors & Windows 10% 10%
Garage & Automotive 15% 10%
Hardware & Power Equipment 15% 15%
Outdoor Structures 10% 10%
Plumbing & Fixtures 15% 15%
Storage 10% 10%
Décor & Accessories 25% 15%
Fencing & Decking 15% 15%
Grills & Accessories 15% 15%
Lawn Care 10% 10%
Outdoor Furniture 25% 25%
Outdoor Structures 10% 10%
Sports & Recreation
Fitness Equipment 15% 20%
Food & Meal Kits 15% N/A
Game Room 15% 20%
Outdoor Gear 15% 20%
Outdoor Recreations 15% 20%
Sporting Goods 15% 20%
Sports Memorabilia 15% 20%
Jewelry & Apparel
Apparel 20% N/A
Bracelets 20% 20%
Chains/Necklaces 20% 20%
Earrings 20% 20%
Eyewear 10% 10%
Jewelry Accessories 20% 20%
Jewelry Sets 20% 20%
Prescription Eyewear & Sunglasses 10% 10%
Purses 20% 20%
Rings 20% 20%
Wallets 20% 20%
Watches 20% 20%
Infant & Youth
Baby Gear 15% 25%
Décor & Accessories 15% 25%
Furniture 25% 25%
Playsets 15% 20%
Toys 15% 15%

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