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Alex Tokar & Kristen Ulmer

Alex and Kristen are hardworking school administrators who wanted to find out just how to get the very best of what life had to offer them—all the things that make a home beautiful.

“We purchased everything…from the ceramic work to all the detailing on the cabinets to the granite countertops which we absolutely adore—these are items that we would not have been able to enjoy had we not been DirectBuy club members,” Alex shared.

He and Kate also shared their love for their exquisite master bedroom. “We are so pleased with how this turned out. We did not think we could afford this name brand bedroom suite, but you can see that it is so elegant and believe me very, very comfortable.”

Every evening they love sitting by their cozy fireplace, watching TV and enjoying the ambience of their wonderful living room—thanks to the wide variety of vendors available through their DirectBuy membership.

Alex and Kristen joined DirectBuy in 2010 and made their beautiful home truly come to life.