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Peter & Terri Lamontagne

Peter and Terri Lamontagne absolutely love their kitchen designed and purchased through DirectBuy.

According to Terri, “Our kitchen—it’s a dream. Every day I come down here and can’t believe it’s ours.” Peter added, “Anyone who comes in—the first word out of their mouth is ‘wow!’ And quite frankly we couldn’t afford this kitchen if we didn’t go through DirectBuy. We got a stunning kitchen on a budget price.“

Peter and Terri are so proud of what they’ve accomplished. “We told [DirectBuy] what stove we wanted. We told them what dishwasher we were getting, what the dimension was of our microwave, so all of the cabinets and the kitchen were designed that all this will fit in together and flow. “

In addition to their amazing kitchen, Peter is absolutely in love with his barbeque, another one of their DirectBuy purchases, which he claims is “something we use 3 times per week minimum year round—and I cannot live without it.”

“Your money goes way farther than it would go if you were just going to your regular stores,” Terri added, “Like we’re not paid actors. We’re actually people that are true members. We joined…and we’re so proud of it, and it never would have been possible had we not have joined DirectBuy.”